Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Like many of you, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity come out with their costumes and makeup. Here are a few makeup looks I’ve created if you’re needing some costume inspiration. These makeup looks can be paired with an elaborate costume or a cute black outfit for last-minute Halloween plans. They are fairly simple and you probably have most of the products needed already.

The Joker


Step 1: Apply white cream makeup all over your face, making it a little messy and splotchy. I applied with my fingers, then blotted with a sponge.

Step 2: Apply black cream makeup or eyeshadow to eye lids and blend out in circles. Line eyes and waterline heavily with a pencil, then smudge it out.

Step 3: Apply red lipstick on lips, draw on the ‘smile’, and blend out with a sponge.

Step 4: Powder face with white or translucent powder. This will set the cream makeup and absorb oil, giving a nice matte finish. I also powdered my smile with red eyeshadow to keep the lipstick from bleeding.

Hair: Use green colored hairspray and add oil or serum to give it a greasy, dirty look. If you’re worried about staining or build-up on your hair you can purchase a wig from your local Halloween store.

Comic Book Character


Step 1: Apply your normal foundation and/or concealer

Step 2: Line eyes with black liquid eyeliner, add black mascara or false lashes.

Step 3: Fill in brows with black pencil. I also added a little flick on outer point of the brow.

Step 4: Apply bright pink blush in circles on your cheeks.

Step 5: Use cream makeup for the black and white detailing. I started by using a brush and black cream to outline the face, add shading on the jawline and neck, and drew the line down the nose. Next I added the dots with cream makeup and Q-tips. I used black and blue eyeliner pencils for the ‘pop’ on the cheek.

Step 6: Fill in lips with bright pink liner and top with bright pink lipstick. Line lips with black pencil and add detail with white cream.

Step 7: Finish with translucent powder and setting spray.

Hair: I like a retro hairstyle with comic book makeup, but you can do any style you like! For this model I curled the hair and set curls by pinning them in place to cool and misted with hairspray. Once the curls were set I lightly combed them out, teased, and pinned the hair into place.



Step 1: Apply foundation, concealer and powder like you normally do.

Step 2: Highlight/contour if desired, apply blush

Step 4: Eyes

  • Apply eye primer all over eyelids
  • Brown eyeshadow all over lids, white shadow heavily in inner corners and brow bones, black shadow in a V-shape on the outer corners
  • Apply winged liner with gel eyeliner
  • Smudge black pencil liner in waterline and on lower lashline
  • Apply white shadow directly under the black liner, connecting the outer and inner corners
  • Add false lashes

Step 5: Leopard Spots

  • Outline spots with black cream makeup and a small angled brush or black eyeliner
  • Fill in spots with brown eye shadow
  • Highlight with white eye shadow

Step 6: Draw leopard nose with black pencil liner and white eye shadow

Step 7: Add jeweled whisker and leopard spot stickers

Step 8: Finish with nude lipstick and setting spray

Hair: Curl hair with a 1-inch curling iron and lightly comb out, tease at crown, add leopard ears if desired



Step 1: Apply foundation, concealer and powder as normal.

Step 2: Highlight and contour if desired, apply orange blush.

Step 3: Butterfly Wing Eye

  • Apply eye primer all over lids
  • Line eye with gel liner and extend past the eye, extend liner in the inner corner, connect the two points to form the butterfly wing
  • Draw your desired pattern on your eye and thicken the outline of the wing with gel liner
  • Fill in wing pattern with orange, yellow and white eye shadow with a small angled makeup brush
  • Add dots to wing outline with white cream makeup and a pointed Q-tip

Step 4: Beauty Eye

  • Apply white eye shadow to inner corner and brow bone, apply yellow eye shadow to lid and orange shadow to the crease/outer corner, blend
  • Apply winged eyeliner using gel liner
  • Fill in eyebrow

Step : Finish with false lashes, orange lipstick and setting spray.

Hair: Curl hair with a 1-inch iron, pin in place to set curls and mist with hairspray. Once curls have cooled, unpin and comb through. Tease at the crown, pin sides back and set with hairspray. Add bow or flower if desired.

Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Step 1: Apply makeup primer and eyeshadow primer to your face and eyes.

Step 2: Mix white and blue cream makeup to make a light blue. Start with a generous amount of white, then slowly add a little blue until you reach your desired color. Apply color all over the face with fingers or a sponge. Optional: Extend cream onto your neck and chest.

Step 3: Use a small makeup brush to add white cream under the eye.

Step 4: Highlight your features with white eye shadow, contour your features and fill in brows with navy blue eye shadow.

Step 5: Apply eye shadow. I used a medium blue all over the lid, navy in the crease and white under the brow and inner corner to highlight. I also smudged some navy shadow under the white cream under the eye for some shading.

Step 6: Finish the eyes with some winged liner and false eyelashes.

Step 7: Draw stitches neck, chest and smile. I used a gray eyeliner pencil to draw the lines, then smudged with navy blue eye shadow. Add some highlight on the stitches with white eye shadow.

Step 8: Apply a berry-red lipstick and set with powder or setting spray.

Hair: Flat iron and part down the center. Use serum and hairspray for shine and control.

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